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stacy nicole
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in o0stacynicole0o's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
10:50 am

       So, I haven't updated in a while. So, lets start with New Years. I had Alicia and Chelsey over. Around eight we went down to Aunt Jo's house and went to Jeremy's party. LOL on the way there we all had to shots of this Aunt Jo had in a bottle, what ever it was it tasted pretty damn good. I have never met Jeremy before but uhh yeah he was really hot but seeing as how he was 22, ha ha! We saw Pat there and Steven. They wanted to come with us when we were leaveing because we had told them that we were going to my house to party but I told them that my mother wouldn't like that very much. When we got back to my house Alicia went with Aunt Jo to drop her car off and while they were gone Chelsey and I did a shot of Vodka and like a million Jello Shots. When they got back Tara gave Licia and I both a bottle of Boone's Farm. About half way through my bottle Tom, Tara, Licia, Chelsey, and I went up to the loft to smoke a joint.... To Be Continued....

Friday, November 17th, 2006
10:36 am
you ain't gotta say to much from the look in your eyes i can tell you wanna fuck...

i am sitting in study hall right now listening to the most annoying person in the world (ricky) talking and i kind of want to punch him in the face. i am really pissed off because some how i ended up getting a ridish pinkish stain on my jeans. i can't wait till school is just over, i can't wait till tonight. my plans are... i'm riding the bus home with amber gray and then we are waiting for her mother to get home so she can get money and then we are getting ready and going over Jacob's house!!! i wore the perfect shirt for tonight it says... on a mission. i had the most fucked up dream in the world last night, it was about justin thomas of course. i had a dream that alicia and i were down at aunt jo's house  and a tornado was coming so we all went down to my house and justin was there with three girls...? don't ask me who they were but anyways we all started to go down into the basement, but i wouldn't let justin go down there i told him to get into his car ha ha (i'm not crazy!!!) and then the tornado came and he got taken away. i hate that now that he hasn't been coming over that i have been hearing his name more and more. it's like people are telling me things about him on purpose thinking that i will care, and it's not that i do care it's just that it pisses me off. my ash-tray is sick today *tear tear* i hope you feel better ash- tray!!! 


Current Mood: flirty
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
11:08 am
lifes a trip, heard you just turned seventeen an finally got some hips.

i talked to snickers last night. i miss her already. this weekend is gonna be sweet, i'm going to the tp and hanging out at jacob's house. i am in study hall right now and pretty much every guy in here is making fun of cassie howard, they think shes is crazy and truthfuly i am starting to think so to. this morning i was late for school an as i was walking up the stairs from the office sal was walking out of his calss and he stopped, looked at me nad said oh my good. after first period i saw sal again walking down the hallway and he pointed and laghed, obviously he knows about what me and jocob did friday. i talked to nicole last night and she was telling me how she bitched out uncle bob monday and she was living with connie and rick now. i don't understand her she finally gets her fathers trust back and she has to go and ruin everything all over again, and then she complains that shes depressed. i realized that i'm gonna have enough money to get myself a pack of cigarettes this weekend because my mommy gave me twenty bucks for lunch. something is finally going right in my life, i have finally met a half way decent guy, and i haven't been fighting with my parents(- the fact that they are fighting!) marty is going to try to get justin a job at his work today and truthfully i hope that he doesn't get it. joey, corey, and kristen got searched for drugs today in science calss, it was funny. 


Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
11:07 am
the lips of an angel...? the eyes of an angel...?

chelsey is no more... on friday i hung out with chelsey for the last time unless some how she gets a hold of me. we went to the nelson trailer park and went to a party with amber gray. it was a lot of fun i met a new boy toy named... jacob!!!
JACOB * * * * * 
five stars 
he has these angel eyes that he can get anything he wants with,
and a perfect smile that makes him evenmore perfect.
i ended up staying the night at his house and lets just say, wow! on saturday i got home and slept all day, recovering from friday. i was about to smash my cellphone against the wall because everybody kept calling. ( i wasn't smart enogh to just turn it off. ) it is now tuesday and i have been talking to jacob everyday since sunday. i do have a major problem though, i called alex scholle to tell him that alicia found his wallet on the railroad track and he's now calling me again, and i don't want to be mean but i don't like him like that anymore. i talk to him though being nice and i am actually proud of him he is going back to college and he is also living in garfield. i think i'm gonna try to hook my cousin and him up...


Current Mood: blank
Friday, November 10th, 2006
1:24 pm

i started talking to nicole again and it has only been for days an drama has already started. i am only fourteen years old and it feels like i have the weight of the world on my sholders. i walked after school yesterday to library with jamie, ashley, cassie, victoria, and mike, but about half way there jamie's brother stopped and picked all the girls up and drove us the rest of the way there. i love joshua! mike and his friend travis ended up walking the rest of the way up to the library by themselves. i called my dad and i told him i was walking after school and i would call him at five and of course he started bitching so i just hung up. jamie, mike, travis, nick, brett, and i ended up walking to the dairy queen to see if blain wood was working because mike was supposed to fight with him at the library but he never showed up. on the way to dairy queen me and jamie ran to catch up with them and when we finally did mike said "do you know that you boobs bounce when you run?" i just rolled my eyes and kept walking. when we got to dairy queen jamie bought me an ice cream and i came out and sat down to eat it and he said " do you know that you thong is hanging out?" as he was looking at my ass and then he was like "oh, wait no thats your belt." after we went to dairy queen we walked over to mcdonalds and then speed way and then my dad came to pick me up. he is such a prick, i can't stand him. this morning he gave me a ride to school and told me he didn't want me walking after school that he wanted me home and i had asked him why and he told me because he saw me nad jamie shaking are asses in front of everybody trying to look cute and i said what ever and he told me that i need to learn how to keep my mouth shut so when he dropped me off this morning and said i love you i didn't say anything i just got out of the car. i was in such a good mood this morning until he had to act like a fucking asshole. he is worse than a little kid when something goes wrong with him he takes it out on everybody else. like he is being a prick because he quit smoking weed, and he is trying to stop smoking cigarettes, and the big one he has to get a job, god forbid him getting off his ass after a year and a half and finally doing something. i mean i understand that he has been working ever since i was born but still he is relying on my mother to pay all the bills and at this time she can't do it. i just can't fucking stand being at home anymore and i don't know what to do. school sucks just as bad as home, it seems like everyone is different from me and the way i act. it almost feels like i am growing way to fast or i was just born in the wrong year all together.


Current Mood: depressed
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
11:06 am

i haven't had a cigarette since three thirty yesterday!!! damn it why did i ever start in the first place!!!


Current Mood: bitchy
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
10:54 am

so... last night i had one of my full blown nightmares. i haven't had one of those in such a long time. usually i don't remember what they are about but i remember this one, everyone was pregnant! before i went to sleep last night me, marty, and leslie were talking about justin maybe being the dad of becca's baby, so that is why i had it. (damn justin!) i woke up this morning and got ready for school an then my father and i walked out side to get in the car an there were like a million birds in the trees surrounding my house so my dad now calls me devil child. i am in study hall right now eating a sucker and sitting next to sam and ashley. i hope that it doesn't rain tonight because i want to wear my costume atleast once. 


Current Mood: Halloween
Friday, October 27th, 2006
10:44 am

i am a freshmen this year at james a garfield high school and i can officially say that i hate going to this school. this school is a school where all the guys are cocky weather they  look good or not and all the girls are attracted to drama instead of guys. i have a few close friends that aren't like the rest of the people in the school but if i didn't have them sadly i have to say i would be a loner. i am now completely over justin 100%, i actually just recently started talking to a guy name fred, he is sara's uncle josh's girlfriends brother and he is 17 currently going to southeast high school. my luck he is going to turn out to be an asshole though, like adam pakorney. (even though i still think he is gorgeous he is an ass.) well, since i am in study hall right now and the bell is about to ring for the next period i have to stop now.


Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
2:20 pm

I called shelby lynn last night too see if she wanted too go to the ox roast with me today and she said yeah but I had to wait an then call her when she got off work. well... I got tired of waiting so when marty and angel came back to my house and told me that they were going to vanessa's birthday/grad. party I said fuck it, so I just went with them. we went around for o'clock an I wasn't planning on drinking until it got dark out but about ten minutes after I got there I got handed a drink, so I just started drinking.*later on the most fucked up thing in the world happened...to not only grabbed my ass but he also kissed me and all I could do was push him away and tell him that he had a girlfriend and I was supposed too be like his little sister.* after all that happened his two friends cheddar bob and alex showed up and I have too say I think alex is fine as hell. later on I told cheddar bob that I thought his friend was hot an he told me that he would say something to him and I come too find out that he thought that I was cute. around ten o'clock everybody started leaving and all that was left was marty,vanessa,alex,charlotte,tom,cheddar bob, and nick. around one in the am tom,cheddar bob, and nick left and everybody else started too go to sleep. instead of going to sleep alex and I stayed up and. . . . . *cough! cough!*


Current Mood: blah
Friday, July 21st, 2006
2:20 pm

i miss the old days,usually on a friday at this time i would be calling ashley and shelby too see if they were planning on going to the roller hutt. my mother decided too tell me today that their is a chance that we might be moving. i wish that only meant a new house but that means a new school too, i would be going to champion schools. tonight is the ox roast an i'm excited.


Current Mood: stressed
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